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Cost of Tutorial- Donation Info Here

March 6, 2011

I do not like to charge for these tutorials, I really wish everything in life was free! But, it certainly isn’t on my end of things. All the information in the following videos was accumulated over 3 yrs of pursuing star shots. There is a ton of gas money, rented equipment, long weekends, and campsite fees represented in those 3 yrs. To help pay for those costs, and cover trips in the future, I am asking for a donation of $20 to view the tutorials. You can learn from my mistakes at the cost of less than one tank of gas, or spend 3 yrs taking pictures of the stars to figure it out yourself 🙂

For the time being, I do not have a fancy automated website system setup for this process. If enough of you out there sends money to this tutorial, then I will put money back into it to pay for an automated pay/download system. In the meantime, I am a regular guy like you, trying to make this as convenient as I can, with the means that I have. To get the password to view the tutorials you must send a donation to me via Paypal is a long established money transferring web service. They are safe, secure, and trusted.

If you have an account, it is quick and easy. If you do not, it is also quick and easy to setup an account!

Go to

Login or create an account.

Click on “Send Money” on the top menu bar

To: “

Amount: $20

When you click “Send Money” it opens a SECOND screen for confirmation. At the BOTTOM of that screen is a field to send a message along with the payment. It is IMPERATIVE that you include your email address in the message!! I HAVE to have your email address to send you the password to view the tutorials. Do not skip that part.

Click “Send Money”

Paypal automatically sends out an email to me alerting me of your donation. When I receive that email, I will reply to the email address you put in the message with the password to view the tutorials. Please understand- I do sleep at some point, and I am not always by a computer to reply with the password. But, this is no scam, and I will reply with that password as soon as I can. And, hopefully soon, I can set this up for an automated payment/download system. In the time being, this is how it will work. And, just in case you want to- by all means, feel free to donate more than the asking cost as a way of supporting future trips, techniques, tutorials and star images!

Thank you 🙂


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