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March 6, 2011

Please, let me know what you think. I have tried to make these tutorials apply to a variety of camera equipment and skill levels. Thought went into the photos that I selected to specifically be generic enough that you can see the correlation of my photos with the images that you are taking. Take the techniques I used and apply them to your pictures!

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to hearing from you.


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  1. Ben,

    Thanks very much for sharing these tutorials and your amazing images. It has inspired me to get out with the camera not only during the day or at sunrise/set but in the middle of the night as well. My first few attempts were pretty perfetic to say the least but I was amazed at just how much light there was in the night sky. I just wish these darn planes would fly somewhere else 🙂

    Look forward to more tutorials and pictures in the future. Thanks again


  2. Gary,
    Great! I am really happy to hear that. I wish you the best of luck in your nocturnal endeavors. Let me know how it goes!

    • Hi Ben, I wonder whether you are able to offer some advice on the best duration to get a really good moview from hundreds of individual photos? I recently took over 330 photos of the night sky and would love to compose a film of tracking them but can’t seem to get the right duration to stop it looking jumpy.

      When I shot the photos I was using a Canon 7D with 50mm F1.4 lens and the camera was set at 10sec exposure iso400 with a remote timer shooting every 12 seconds at f1.4.

      As I say, I would love to be able to compose these shots in to a short movie but am struggling to get the right duration. I’ve tried composing it in iMovie but not overly impressed with the result as they appear jerky. I do have access to Lightroom 4, Premier Pro CS5.5 as well as After Effects CS5.5 so not sure if they are better suited.

      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated and please…keep doing what you do…you are a true inspiration to me and no doubt countless others with your truly magical images.

      Thanks you in advance


  3. Hey Ben

    Just wanted to say thank you for these tutorials. I found them very useful. It has taken me ages to get around to watching them but I had not had chance to get out at night until recently, and wanted to see them fresh before attempting some processing.

    I was amazed by what the camera saw with my first few shots. Some light pollution is so huge it appears almost alien like, which is actually quite cool, but I think it is a challange in the UK to find a direction to point your camera without something coming in the scene!

    If I have anything good I will post to Flickr. Regardless of the quality though I have just enjoyed being out when no-one else is. I guess that’s half the fun!

    Keep up the good work mate.


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