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Tutorial- Processing- Stonehenge

March 6, 2011

Welcome to the Maryhill Stonehenge Memorial. In this tutorial we will focus on:

-Selective color and exposure balance of the foreground

-How to eliminate the effects of light pollution in our photos

-Bringing attention to the Milky Way

-Noise Reduction (of course)

-and plenty more

As with all the others, we will be using Adobe Lightroom 3 for the editing. In my opinion, this program has the most powerful, effective, and easy to use Noise Reduction capabilities along with great, custom editing function and intuitive use- all in one program! If you do not own this program, you can download a free, full function, 30 day trial directly from Adobe. Follow the link below:

As with all the other tips and techniques in these tutorials- this is not an exhaustive collection of all methods to edit astrophotography photos- it is instead a collection of techniques and methods that I use. I have done my best to use the tools available to us as best as possible.

The following videos are sequential recordings documenting my editing process of this image from start to finish. Once you have entered the password into the video- it will be remembered on future visits.


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